Anti-Semitic laws that were part of the build up to the Holocaust

Amazingly in-between the years of 1933 and 1939 400 laws were imposed exclusively for people who had 3 or 4 Jewish grandparents in their blood line. The first anti-Semitic law was enforced just one month after Adolf Hitler become chancellor of Germany on the 30th of January 1933.

Jewish businesses were ostracized by the Storm troopers under the orders of the Nazi party. They were also ordered to vandalise Jewish industries whilst Jewish citizens that worked in local councils, University’s and courts were all suddenly made redundant. The Nazi government also allowed bar owners to not allow Jewish patrons into their establishment on the 7th of April 1933.

In 1933-1934 the government had implemented laws which would force Jewish followers to not participate in their own religious events. This included the slaughtering of animals to offer to god. They also forced Jewish parents to pay more money for their child’s education and they limited the capacity of Jewish kids in German schools.

The most famous and arguably the most malevolent laws forced against the Jewish religion was implemented in 1935 and was known as the Nuremberg (Nürnberg) laws. The Nuremberg laws stated that a Jewish believer isn’t valid to be a German citizen. It also stated that Aryans (People with German ancestors) were not allowed to marry non Aryans (The Jews). This forced nearly every Judaic to attempt migration into other countries although most of the Jewish community was denied citizenship to other countries. 3 years later the Germans became impatient about how little Judaic had left the country and formed the Kristall-nacht(Night of the broken glass). In one night Aryans had destroyed practically every Jewish synagogue, Jewish businesses and any Jewish related clubs.  In the same year on the 17th of August all Jewish males were forced to add the word ‘Israel’ onto their names and ‘Sara’ onto Ladies names.

The following diagram shows a Brown shirt boycotting a buisness, which is run by a Judiac. He is doing this under the order of the Nazi government to incourage Aryans to not purchase any products from the Jewish store.

German citizens are reading the Nuremberg laws which were pinned up to the town notice board. The laws made the readers believe that the jews were inferior then their german ancest line. This picturewas taken in 1935


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