How the Holocaust was a well-organized and efficient mechanism for mass killing

The Holocaust was a highly successful and well organized efficient mechanism for mass killing against the Jews. The Holocaust was designed to exterminate the other races then the Aryans but mainly Jews from Europe although mainly Germany. The Axis powers killed approximately 6,000,000 million jews in just 6 years in their attempted Genocide. By doing the math that is 2808 deaths each day that was reported by the Nazis. The capturing of the Jews in Germany was easy due to a law which states that all jews must wear a yellow star of David on them at all times and that they had to add the word Israel onto your name if you were a guy or Sara if you were a girl. The brown shirts or SS(secret police) would transport the Jews or other communities which Hitler hated to a concentration camp. The communities which Hitler hated included Homosexuals, Jehovah’s witnesses, disabled people, black people, communists, the Polish, the Russians and much more people. They would then do hard labour so the government could make more money so more people could come to the camp or they would be killed by gas, starvation, Overworking, Disease, shooting and inhuman medical experiments. The dead bodies would then be put into a huge pit of fire and be cremated. Hitler would also send the Einsatzgruppen into Jewish communities and kill all of the Jewish people in the village and shoot them all dead. They even shot babies and children. They would then dig a huge hole into the ground and bury all the bodies into the hole which is called mass graves. Due to all these reasons the Holocaust was a efficient method for mass killing against those who Hitler hated. 

The following picture is a mass grave created by the Einsatzgruppen which is full of Judiacs.  The Einsatzgruppen would shoot all the Jews in a ghetto and put all the dead bodies in a huge pitt like this under the orders of the Nazi party.

The following picture is a gas chamber in a concerrntration camp known as Auschwitz. In this camp alone 4.1 million people died in gas chambers like this, died of starvation or were killed in medical experiments. The Nazis would tell the Jews that it is time to have a shower and the jews would undress and walk into a room like this. The Nazis would then lock the doors and kill the jews with  potent gas.


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