The economic exploitation of the Jewish people

When Hitler became chancellor of Germany in 1933 he set over 400 Anti-Semitic laws in a series of 6 years. Hitler’s wanted to take all of the Jews wealth and then kick all the Judiacs out of Germany. He started this campaign by firstly reducing the capacity of Judiacs allowed into any stage of education and sending his Brown Shirts to boycott shops owned by Jews and also vandalise the establishment. He limited the allowance of Jews in schools and Universities so that the percentage of the Jewish economy will go down because less Jews have an educated job.  Jews in which were employed in law, education and the local government were all fired by their employers due to the Nazi party’s controlive methods over businesses. So the Jewish economy was rapidly decreasing due to the Nazis. 1 year after Hitler had limited the population of Jews in schools he then executed a law which states that non-Aryans must pay more money for their child’s education by 1.5%.  Forcing the economy to go to an all-time low for the German Jews. From the years of 1935 to 1940 the Nazi Party came up with the laws that Jews cannot, be officers of the law, drive a car, buy or win in a lottery, be a veterinarian, be in real estate or become a tax officer forcing Jewish patrons to be close to broke. When World War II began the Brown shirts or Einsatzgruppen would capture and transport Jews to concentration camps. They would then steal all the Jews possessions and the government would sell the chattels to the Germans so the government could afford more weaponry and food for the Storm troopers.

The following picture is a painting which a Jewish man owned before the Brown shirts or Einsatzgruppen got to his ghetto. The painting was stolen by the Aryans and was in the Louve until a Jewish man proved that someone in his family had owned the painting. The painting was sold so that the government could produce more equiptment for the war.


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