The key anti-Semetic ideas that lead to the holocaust.

Ever since Jesus died, Christians other than Jewish followers have had a hatred for the Jewish religion. This is because the Roman Empire would promise to free a Jewish criminal as a sign of good faith to the Jewish people. They had a choice between Jesus Christ and a murderer named Barabbas. The Jewish people chose to free Barabbas so that Jesus Christ can die because the hierarchy of the Jewish people believed that Jesus was a liar because he claimed to be the son of god. The main religion in Germany was Catholics before Hitler took over Germany in 1933 meaning that the Germans weren’t on the Catholics good side.

Another source of anti-Semitism that drove Nazi Germany to hate Jews was the Protocols of the elders of Zion. The Protocols of the elders of Zion was a fictional book created in 1897 and was publicly published in 1905.  The book blamed the Jewish religion for all of Russia’s problems and faults. The Protocols also illustrates that the Jewish religion was attempting world domination. Hitler used this book as evidence that all Jewish people are evil and that they should be punished. Even though the book has proven to be fictional the German people still believed in the books Anti-Semitic views.

The German people also believed that the Jewish community was contaminating Germany. They believed that they were ‘impure’ and that residents with German origins were pure and the best type of human beings causing the Germans to look down on Jews like they were animals. Hitler also published his book called Mein Kampf(my struggle). The book was full of anti-Semetic views which stated that Hitler wanted to obliverate all Jews in Germany. The German people respected Hitler so they bought the best selling book in Germany, even though Hitler was not a brilliant writer.


The following picture is anti_Semitic signs which were created by christians who hated jews because they ‘killed’ jesus according to the bible. They also put up a sign which says danger to express that they will be physically hurt if they went into that town.

The following picture is the front cover to Hitlers best selling book ‘Mein Kampf’. The book was created so that Germans would hate the Jews so that creating anti-Semitic laws was alot more easier and that no one should trust a Judiac.


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