The types of oppisition against the Holocaust

During the Holocaust in WWII many resistance fighters were produced in and outside of concentration camps. The resistance was made up of people who had families or friends that were in concentration camps or people of the same race or community. The Jewish people in Germany and Poland had at least 100 different ghettos with armed resistance if the Nazis or Einsatzgruppen launched an attack on the community. The Jewish didn’t only defend themselves against their enemies but they attacked the German troops as well. The  Zydowska Organizacja Bojowa (ZOB) was a group of Jewish resistance fighters who attacked German tanks with hand grenades and small weapons. Although this clan didn’t last long due to the Germans attacking very soon after with a lot more advanced weaponry and larger troops. A similar group was created in Vilna, Germany which was just a collaboration of many Jewish ghettos. The Republic of ghettos knew that they were inferior to the Nazis in warfare, troop size and that they were going to die fighting although they fought for all the Jews that had been killed and for their honour.  There were another 3 rebellions against the Holocaust which were all in concentration camps. In the concentration camp ‘Treblinka’ the prisoners had designed a plan to steal some weaponry from a warehouse, kill all the guards and alight the camp. Many prisoners had died with 200 escaping the concentration camp and only 10 percent weren’t recaptured. In another concentration camp called Sobibor a Jewish person became a guard so he could save hundreds of lives. The Jews killed 11 guards with 300 escaping and 100 being recaptured.  The last and most memorable revolt inside a concentration camp was in Auschwitz-Birkenau. Non Aryans had planned to blow up land underneath the concentration camp and escape. Although nearly everybody who had planned and was involved in the rebellion backed out. Although some enthusiastic and desperate prisoners put the plan into action. 6oo prisoners escaped although they were all recaptured or slaughtered.

The diagram above are some Jewish people who are rebelling against the Holocaust. These people would rather die trying to fight against the Nazis then dying in concerntration camps with their children



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